Ive gone into hiding. People I meet are generally sick of this late winter weather were experiencing. With high temperatures normally reserved for the average lows this time of year has many folks hungry just for average high temperatures. For the first week and a few days of April we are an incredible 19 colder than normal! Yeah, its been unusually cold. We have a chance to break the all-time Twin City record for coldest April ever which is 35.8 set back in 1874. Records were made to be broken. Lets do it!



High Low  Sun    PCP
   56  35   57%   0.65



             Sunrise Sunset

Fri     April 13  6:32     7:57
Sat    April 14    6:30    7:58

Sun    April 15  6:28    7:59

Mon   April 16   6:26     8:01

Tue    April 17  6:25     8:02

Wed   April 18   6:23    8:03
Thu   April 19  6:21     8:04




Frank Watson is a local Meteorologist who operates a weather station in White Bear Lake. Weather data and observations are from his weather station and trips around the area. Frank can be found on the internet at