Week of April 6-12, 2018



“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful,” I joke with my friends who give me a hard time when I blow a forecast, but when my forecast comes together I’ll gloat with this phrase. After Saturday’s early morning snowfall of 4.7” we’ve totaled 56” of snow this season and with another snowfall expected this past Tuesday I, should reach my predicted total of at least 60 inches. If you recall reading my temperature forecast, I called for colder than normal temperatures. I think you all would agree I nailed that prediction as well. “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”



High Low  Sun    PCP
   51°  30°   54%   0.45



                      Sunrise Sunset


Fri      April        6    6:44     7:48
Sat     April        7    6:42     7:49

Sun    April        8    6:40     7:51

Mon   April        9    6:39     7:52

Tue    April   10    6:37     7:53

Wed   April        11    6:35     7:54
Thu    April       
12    6:33     7:56



Frank Watson is a local Meteorologist who operates a weather station in White Bear Lake. Weather data and observations are from his weather station and trips around the area. Frank can be found on the internet at WeathermanWatson.com.