Week of March 30 to April 5 , 2018



The hype going into this past weekend was the impending winter storm. As the weekend approached, the focus wasnt on the north or northeast metro but southern, and as it turns out, not a flake fell here in the greater metro area. Im not complaining, although I do like a good snow, but instead it was a pleasant weekend with sun late afternoon Saturday and much of the day Sunday. Winter ice fishing is still going strong on area lakes with geese and mallards now showing up expecting the ice to soon melt. It will still be awhile as no significant warm-up is in sight.



High Low  Sun    PCP
   49  29   56%   0.64



             Sunrise Sunset


Fri     March 30  6:57     7:39
Sat    March 31    6:55    7:40

Sun    April 1    6:52    7:42

Mon   April 2    6:51     7:43

Tue    April 3   6:50     7:44
Wed   April
4 6:48    7:46
Thu   April
5    6:46     7:47




Frank Watson is a local Meteorologist who operates a weather station in White Bear Lake. Weather data and observations are from his weather station and trips around the area. Frank can be found on the internet at WeathermanWatson.com.