Week of March 16-22, 2018



It hasnt felt much like Spring is just around the corner, but it is. In fact, the Vernal (Spring) Equinox occurs at 11:15am on Tuesday, March 20. Last year we already had a period of days in the 50s and even 60s, while this year we might get our first taste of those kinds of temperatures this week, if were lucky. As I noted in my weather calendar, area lakes last year were already shedding their ice cover. Not his year, as fishermen continue to take advantage of the thick ice cover and venture out in their pickups. My ice-out prediction this year for area lakes is April 17-21, a whole month later than last years!



High Low  Sun    PCP
   41  23   56%   0.51



             Sunrise Sunset


Fri     March 16  7:23     7:21
Sat    March 17    7:21    7:23

Sun    March 18    7:20    7:24

Mon   March 19    7:18     7:25

Tue    March 20   7:15     7:26
Wed   March
21 7:13    7:28
Thu   March
22 7:12     7:29



Frank Watson is a local Meteorologist who operates a weather station in White Bear Lake. Weather data and observations are from his weather station and trips around the area. Frank can be found on the internet at WeathermanWatson.com.