Week of February 16-22, 2018



Wow, what a start to the month. Eleven of the first twelve days with below 0º mornings. Two days with highs in the single digits. Our first 20º day was on Sunday, February 11. The last time we were above freezing was back on January 27 when it was 36º. To make the cold bearable we’ve enjoyed a majority of sun during the day, every day except on Saturday, February 3. The average temperature takes a big jump this week. We’ll enjoy a few days above average, but it appears it will be short-lived. I can say our coldest weather of the season is definitely behind us. Astro Note: Look for the star constellation Orion in the southern sky after sunset.



High Low  Sun    PCP
   31°  15°   58%   0.20


                               Sunrise Sunset


Fri      February  16   7:13     5:42
Sat     February 17   7:11     5:44

Sun    February  18   7:10     5:45

Mon   February  19   7:08     5:46

Tue    February  20   7:07     5:48
Wed   February 
21   7:05     5:49
Thu    February 
22   7:03     5:50


Frank Watson is a local Meteorologist who operates a weather station in White Bear Lake. Weather data and observations are from his weather station and trips around the area. Frank can be found on the internet at WeathermanWatson.com.