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Posted May 23, 2008...   My summer outlook for the Greater St. Paul / Minneapolis Region.

The Foxe Basin Low. What is that and why do we care? The Foxe Basin is very important to us. First of all the Foxe Basin is located north of Hudson's Bay, right around the Artic Circle. An upper level Low (250 mb)has been sitting there since last December and it has been virtually unmovable. The jet stream (highway for storms)has been deflecting the air from the Foxe Basin down onto us resulting in our cooler than normal weather.

Until this upper level Low breaks down we'll be experiancing cooler than normal temperatures. I suspect the cooler air will be with us June, July and August resulting in cooler than normal temperatures. The 90's we had last summer won't be as numerous this summer. The Fall months will be our break-out months. I suspect that temperatures will begin trending near to above normal begining late Ocotober and November.

I still have a handfull of 2008 calendars available for order. Here is a link,  http://weathermanwatson.com/calendar.htm

It's well worth it!
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