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Attorneys: Know how the weather can successfully effect out-come of your cases.

Insurance companies: Know if weather-elements, storms, winds, hail, floods, etc., had an effect on your claims.

Utility, gas and oil companies: Budget your energy uses on our Long Range outlooks. Can hot and cool periods be used for future requirements?

Agriculture engineers: Long range weather forecast for planning next years planting options.

Retailers: Know when and where hot, cold, rainy, and stormy periods will occur so product demands can be met. Obtain customized long range forecasts for all regions of the North America.

Event planners and Film Crews: Know the probability of the days, weeks, and when sunny weather will occur. We can report rainfall and snowfall totals in your area for your insurance claims.

Builders: Know if the weather had or will have an effect your contracts. Are your contracts in a high tornado or flood plain area? What were the wind speed and lowest pressure?

Home | About Us | Services | Benefits | Forecasts | Calendar | Contact

Meteorologist Frank Watson
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